Tips for creating a Corporate Gift Box

At Hip Hooray Mail, we often get businesses big and small reaching out to us to create fun little gifts. But do you want to know what the number 1 reason is for it not going ahead? Time ⏱️

There are so many gifting businesses out there and some may very well be able to get 200 boxes with varied contents shipped to individual addresses across the country in just a few short days, but what I am guessing is that those businesses haven't caught your eye and sparked your interest 💖 in the way that Hip Hooray Mail have. While they may be fast, they aren't very interesting, they don't support other small business and they lack the personality your employee and clients deserve. In other words... they are a bit meh!😒

So here's a few tips to creating a corporate box with a small gifting business, like Hip Hooray Mail:


  • Think about the scope | Have an idea of the budget you'd like to spend (including postage), the overall quantity of boxes to be made, consider where those boxes are going (interstate, intrastate, regional). A great way to get an idea of pricing is to have a look around the HHM website, even have a go at building a box! It's a bunch of fun!


  • Want something unique? | Do you want to include a product or item that is not something that is already on the website? No problem, but just remember that it takes time to research, cost, order and deliver those items to our HQ (especially if they are coming from interstate (HHM is located in Sydney, NSW). If you want something dfferent to what we usually offer, give a little extra time to get it sorted.


  • Don't leave it to the last minute! | Preparing the perfect little gift in bulk with unique, handmade gifts, that support small business takes time. We advise at least 2 weeks from order confirmation (when everything is finalised) to shipping (depending on quantities and personalisation of the gifts being sent). As much as I'll turn myself into a pretzel to get your order over the line, being a small business means that short lead times for big orders just aren't possible. Let's start chatting about your ideas early. Often gifts take a bit of time to get signed off by management, so be sure to factor this into your schedule too. Maybe even give them a little heads up that it's coming so they can make it a priority.


  • Get updated postal details | I cannot impress on you enough how important this is. If you are sending these gifts directly to the client or employee's home, are you sure that you have your team's up-to-date address details? If not, expect lots of 'return to sender' packages and sad face on the people who didn't get their gift.


  • Want it on brand? | Often companies want to incorporate their brand  and messaging into the box, but just know that this takes extra time. Sometimes its simple and quick like a branded postcard, other times it's more complicated and time consuming. Start to think about the copy, design, purpose and turnaround time before confirming the branded item.
If you're keen to send a fun little celebration in a box, reach out! I love to chat all thing gift related.
Big love & delicious cake,
Bec x x ❤️ 🎂 
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