Celebrate your most valued people!

There's nothing we love more at Hip Hooray Mail than a good ol' fashion celebration! Celebrating a job well done? Congratulating a big business win? Or perhaps you're wanting to give a warm and heartfelt thank you to a customer or employee? No matter the reason, we're here to help create something that is unique, happy and truly captures the spirit of your businesses celebration.

Bec is passionate about working with you to create a gift as unique as your business and the occasion you are celebrating! Let's delve deep into the why's and get creative about finding something that will suit your budget, brand and message. 

Celebrate individuals as well as teams!

Aussie businesses, big and small, use Hip Hooray Mail to send one-off Celebration Boxes from our fun curated range throughout the year, to their valued employees and clients. Hip Hooray Mail boxes can be used to celebrate all kinds of occasions including birthdays, pregnancy and new babies, thank you's and get well soon gifts! It's super simple to order gifts as you need them, and when they arrive on a desk... they definitely create a buzz amongst those in the office! 

"I have seen others in the office receive a Hip Hooray Mail Celebration Box for their birthday's, so I was so excited when it was my turn to get one!" 

Want to make gifting easy and automated? Send us a spreadsheet with the names, birthdates/anniversaries and addresses of your team and we'll schedule the gifts to be shipped arriving in the week of their birthday! This is especially great for employees who choose to work remotely. They still feel a part of the team!

Bulk Order Gifts with a party vibe!

So you want to send a little something to a small team, a big department or even a whole company of people.. No problem! Whether it's selecting from our already great range of curated gifts or creating something completely unique, Bec loves every part of the creative process - packaging, personalisation, delivery and the fun part... Products! Bec is always looking at ways to showcase other small and micro Australian businesses in your boxes. It's what makes Hip Hooray Mail Celebration boxes fun and unique! 

We make employee and client gifting easy!

To get started on creating a unique bulk gift, simply send the following information:

  • The target date you'd like to have the gift arrive 
  • How many boxes you are looking to send
  • Your budget for the gift including postage costs
  • What products you'd like to see in the gift box
  • Any personalisation you'd like to include, including unique messages to each recipient or additional merchandise you have already purchased

We can create a celebration worth remembering!

Simply complete the Contact Us form or email us directly  at hellohiphooraymail@gmail.com to discuss your corporate gift box needs.

Let's get started on creating some fun Client and Employee Gifts!

Corporate Client logos that have sent Celebration Boxes - Google, HKA, PwC, Precise Business Solutions, Lavatribe, Pop Your Business

 Pop Your Business - Lockdown Love Celebration Box for Members  Precise Business Solutions - The Go Live Customer Celebration Box

PricewatrhouseCoopers Director Key Talent Program' Celebration Box