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Celebrate Your Most Valued People

Welcome to Hip Hooray Mail, the home of Celebration in a Box! We specialise in creating memorable experiences by curating fun and vibrant confetti-filled gift boxes that showcase small Australian businesses. With our unique offering, we celebrate individuals as well as teams; making every occasion, including birthdays, truly special. Whether you're celebrating a job well done or business win, welcoming a new team member, onboarding a new client, or showing appreciation to your customers or employees, we've got you covered.

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Why Choose Hip Hooray Mail? 

  1. Supporting Small Australian Businesses: As a small business ourselves, we take pride in supporting small and micro Australian businesses, bringing their products to the forefront. Our gift boxes feature a carefully curated selection of high-quality items, allowing you to showcase the best that Australia has to offer.

  1. Unforgettable Celebrations: At Hip Hooray Mail, we believe that celebrations should be filled with joy, colour and excitement. We want our recipients to be excited to rummage to bottom of the box! Our gift boxes are vibrantly designed to create moments of delight, leaving a lasting impression. We prioritise uniqueness and vibrancy, ensuring that every gift is a one-of-a-kind experience.

  1. Automated Office Birthday Gift Boxes: Make office birthdays extra special with our convenient and automated birthday gift box service. We can take care of everything, from curating the perfect gifts to timely delivery. Imagine the thrill of receiving a Hip Hooray Mail Celebration Box on your special day! Here’s what one recipient had to say:

"I have seen others in the office receive a Hip Hooray Mail Celebration Box for their birthday, so I was so excited when it was my turn to get one!"

Fun and Vibrant Employee Birthday Gift Box with party items such as party hat and balloons, mug cake and lollies

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  1. Personalised Touch: We understand the importance of personalisation and branding. Our gift boxes can be fully customised to your needs with individual names, messages, or even company branding. By offering memorable gifts, you create a positive brand association in the minds of your clients, leading to long-term loyalty.

  1. Convenience and Efficiency: We make gifting hassle-free and efficient. With our personalised service and streamlined processes and reliable delivery, you can trust us to handle all your corporate and bulk gifting needs. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the details.

Personalised branded notebook and cookie for corporate gifting ideas

Start Celebrating with Hip Hooray Mail Today!

To get started creating a unique gift for your business, simply send us the following information:
  • Your target ‘send’ date
  • How many boxes you are looking to send
  • Your budget for the overall gift, including postage
  • What products you'd like to see in the gift box
  • Any personalisation you'd like to include, including unique messages, branding or additional merchandise you’d like to include or create.
  • TIP! Start collating the recipients names, addresses and email addresses in a spreadsheet. This takes a lot longer than you think! If you need a template, just let us know!
Experience the joy of gifting with Hip Hooray Mail. Browse our collection of fun and vibrant gifts. Whether it's celebrating individuals, teams, or office birthdays, we have the perfect gifts to make every occasion truly special. Contact us to discuss your gifting needs or explore our website to discover the delightful world of Hip Hooray Mail. Celebrate in style, celebrate with us!

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Corporate Client logos that have sent Celebration Boxes - Google, HKA, PwC, Precise Business Solutions, Lavatribe, Pop Your Business

 A colourful birthday celebration gift box featuring party items such as party hat and balloons, lollies, mug cake and confetti toss

Pop Your Business - Lockdown Love Celebration Box for Members  Precise Business Solutions - The Go Live Customer Celebration Box

PricewatrhouseCoopers Director Key Talent Program' Celebration Box